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“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”- Murphy’s Law

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Forbes Insights Posted This Infographic to Demonstrate The Top Concerns Regarding Your Companies Surveillance

Murphy’s Law has undeniably justified itself throughout time, long before the theory’s official creation in 1866.

“If something can go wrong, it will” – Murphy’s Law.

Author: Matt C.

If you peer back to the infographic, you’ll notice only 4% of companies surveyed in the Forbes Insight’s infographic actively cover the majority of their assets with surveillance. Never known 4% to be such an overwhelming percentage but when it comes to companies assets combined with the theory of Murphy’s Law. That 4% leaves 96% of those companies surveyed, vulnerable to external & internal threats.

That’s quite the combination to have within the mix. To demonstrate the difference between the 4% and 96% we’ve created a two-point scenario. Please try your best to follow along. These are just two examples to symbolize the risk between 100% covered surveillance compared to less than 58% of assets actively monitored.

Scenario 1:

Your company hires a new accounting intern, named George.

George, your companies new intern ‘misplaces’ the approved petty cash for interns.

George unexpectedly doesn’t show up to work the following week. Only to find out through Facebook, he spent that $200 petty cash to help pay for a plane ticket to Barbados.

Conclusion: Murphy’s Law happened, but the risk was not severe. Your company had rules instated, security if you will. That only allowed for intern accountants to have a specific amount of petty cash to work with, 200 dollars.

Scenario 2:

Your companies CEO wins an all expense vacation in the Caribbean.

Your CEO is adventurous by nature and plans to go deep sea diving with sharks while on his/her vacation.

The scuba instructor your CEO entrusted to lead him/her on the risky, adrenaline filled adventure happens to be a jokester by heart.

The Instructor, promises your CEO, that every scuba diver in this part of the Caribbean straps a juicy filet mignon to the tube that connects the oxygen tank to your mouth. The Instructor continues to say,

-“No worries! These sharks are like domesticated dogs that you would find in an average neighborhood in the States!” (Instructor, Scuba).

With no prior knowledge of scuba diving & never seeing the movie Jaws or a Nat Geo documentary. Your companies CEO agrees to the terms and goes deep sea diving with bull sharks in the Caribbean, with a juicy steak attached to his/her oxygen tank.

How it Relates:

It’s two crazy scenarios, we know, but it’s to demonstrate the severities between the two.

  1. The first one shows a minor set back from a delinquent intern. George robs your company of its petty cash. Roughly 200 dollars. Your company can bounce back without any noticeable differences except for an open vacancy where George used to sit.
  2. Providing an extreme risk while shedding light on a particular train of thought. If you are not protecting your assets, your like a deep sea diver swimming with bull sharks while a piece of excellent cut steak sways back and forth from your oxygen tank. The CEO, in scenario two, is meant to represent a valuable asset that negates adequate protection.

The scenarios above were radical examples to provide a humorous side to a grave matter. Take a second and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What percentage of my companies assets are currently vulnerable?
  2. Do bull sharks like steak?

With the scenarios out of the way and your interest has been elevated, let us dive into the meat & bones.


There are numerous challenges when it comes to asset protection. Whether an asset may be a remote location, an offsite development zone, a pharmacy, school district, critical infrastructure or anything in-between. Deploying onsite security personnel can usually increase the price of operational cost. Decreasing profit gain of the current investment/asset needing protection.

Let’s say your company is already taking the precaution to secure and survey their investments/assets, but it’s becoming overwhelming. Avigilon teamed up with Miller Information Systems, can address this issue with competitive pricing, secure turnkey solution.

Utilizing Avigilon’s ultrahigh definition cameras, video analytics & video recorders that operates through your network. Reducing storage & bandwidth requirements while providing optimized transparency reducing administrative and maintenance time. While MIS delivers installments, programming, service and all other low-voltage technical support with over 30 years of experience.

  • Avigilons artificial intelligence software ‘AI’ analyzes your companies surroundings, adapting to the everyday surroundings and noticing when something is different.
  • Appearance search technology, allows you to pick a person or vehicle out of a specific frame and shows you where they currently are in real time.
  • Real-time alerts are utilizing Unusual Motion Detection. As stated above the ‘AI’ software recognizes normal patterns in an everyday schedule. If something is off-putting or out of the ordinary, the ‘AI’ picks it up instantly sending real-time alerts to the approved correspondent.
  • The ability to have remote access and assess a situation in real time.
    Remote troubleshooting if you need a quick fix in the software link.
  • Optimizing your current security personnel workflow & efficiency while actively securing 100% of your companies assets.

Now, back to Murphy’s Law and how it fits in. If you do not take steps to secure an asset, the result can be catastrophic for your business. With MIS & Avigilon assisting your business the risk of crazy Uncle Murphy decreases exponentially. Utilizing human and AI input to combat Murphy’s Law, ensuring the security of your companies oxygen tank.

Additionally, if something unfortunate would happen to the assets within your company, wouldn’t you want a clear recording to show your insurance company or investigator? Even better, real-time alerts to help prevent the situation before damage, property loss or reactive measures are needed?

If you are looking for consultation regarding security solutions, networks, structured cabling, technology rollouts, phone systems or VoIP. Give us a call we’re here to guide you and your business in the right direction while servicing your needs.

We promise to leave the analogies & scenarios in the warehouse.

Here you’ll find the original link from Forbes Insight, Are your company’s most valuable assets protected?


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