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Customized Security Systems in Pittsburgh, PA

By using the newest technologies in video surveillance, Miller Information System offers Pittsburgh businesses customized security systems. These security solutions use today’s top technologies to enhance burglary detection while keeping your assets safe. Best of all, the security systems are completely custom for your business—offering peace of mind 365 days per year.

Our security systems and IP cameras offer internet access, email alarm notifications, day or night, and indoor or outdoor. MIS can help you design the ideal security system with an advanced camera system, intrusion detection systems, and access control system.

What Features are Included with Your New Camera System?

When you choose a camera system from MIS, you’ll find the following features:


  • MegaPixels  
  • 1.3 MP to 6 MP
  • View Angles
    • 360 degree Camera
    • 187 degree Camera
    • 90 degree Cameras
  • Thermal Camera
  • Monitor Boiler Room / Facilities
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Night Vision in Full Color
  • Tamper Sensing
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Remote Viewing
  • Mobile Viewing

Camera Recording                                                                                                      

  • On-site NVR
  • Low Cost SD Cards
  • Cloud
  • Redundant Recording
  • View Recordings from Mobile App

Pittsburgh Security Systems: Video Surveillance & CCTV

Finding the right security systems is essential to the protection of your business. Protecting your business and its assets is just as important as protecting your own home, and MIS offers top-of-the-line security systems, video surveillance, and CCTV for your Pittsburgh-based organization.

With a new innovative Pittsburgh security system, you’ll get more than just a locked door with a camera. The security coverage you’ll receive with our video surveillance and CCTV ensures that nearly no intruder will make their way inside of your building. If a break in is ever successful, our alarm systems will notify the proper contacts and authority to stop every intruder in their tracks.

Miller Information Systems is staffed with Pittsburgh’s best professionals in terms of security systems, video surveillance, and CCTV. Choose MIS for the best automation technology in the area.

Access Control System

An access control system from MIS is designed to work seamlessly with security system solutions. The access control system includes the following features:

  • Remote Door Control – open any door from any location
  • Independently Scheduled Doors
  • Open Doors with your Mobile Device via Bluetooth
  • Cloud User Management
  • Scheduled Guest Access

When it comes to the security of your company and assets, security systems are a smart investment for any business in Pittsburgh. Find the industry’s most innovative and effective security systems from Miller Information Systems.


Access Control

The Access Control system includes network integration and user administrative management.


  • Remote Door Control – open any door from anywhere
  • Independently Scheduled Doors
  • Open Doors with your Mobile Device via Bluetooth
  • Cloud User Management
  • Scheduled Guest Access 

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