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Structured Cabling in Cleveland, Ohio

Structured cabling is an important element for many businesses throughout Cleveland, Ohio. Your infrastructure IT network enables your business to manage and organize connectivity to various applications—and you depend on this network to keep your day-to-day infrastructure IT network working in top condition. The best way to maximize this connectivity is with structured cabling from Miller Information Systems.

MIS Helps Businesses Manage Applications with Structured Cabling

Those who need structured cabling simply won’t find a more reliable source than Miller Information Systems. Our structured cabling specializes in managing applications including wi-fi and fiber optic.

MIS has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and offers services ranging from LANs to wireless, whether you’re working from a university, campus or factory.

Cleveland businesses can also complete their cable infrastructure with:

  • New Construction or Renovations
  • Horizontal cable system, typical category 6 or 6A cable for data, voice, VoIP to your desktop.
  • Riser fiber optic cable for office or manufacturing facility. Riser systems can be multimode fiber, single-mode fiber or copper.
  • Other cable systems, coax for cable TV, and wireless access points.
  • 15-20 year warranties for Systimax, Uniprise, Hubbell General, Panduit, and Krone cable systems.

On-Site Technicians for Structured Cabling

Miller Information Systems has trained and certified technicians can handle your installation and provide an as-build design.

Service and Installation

The data cable or network cable infrastructure is the base layer of the 7 layer OSI Network. This is the 1st step in a successful data system for your operations. MIS can perform the following:

  • Office build or renovations for commercial data network
  • Wireless or Wireless Access Points, also require a sophisticated cable system to function
  • Warehouse data system for inventory management
  • Industrial Automation of I/A is a vital data network requiring unique cable and installation

Products for Network Cable Infrastructure:

Network cable infrastructure can take many forms of cable or media, MIS has experience with:

  • Category 6 and category 6A, unshielded and shielded, voice or data applications
  • Fiber optic cable from OM4 multimode or OS2 singlemode
  • Fiber optic cable to the desktop or to the factory floor
  • Coax or fiber optic cable for CATV or Security or DAS systems
  • Control cable systems for HVAC, Lighting, Sound masking or AV systems

Grow Your Business with Flexible Voice Cabling and Data Cabling

Voice cabling and data cabling services from MIS is yet another service to help continuously grow your business. These services keep your company connected 24 hours a day with voice, video, and data—hitting all the important communication points in today’s busy world.

The best part is that voice cabling services are designed with flexibility in mind. So when your business grows, voice cabling is scalable. MIS is dedicated to staying on-trend with today’s top communication technologies and advancements with voice cabling, which helps us achieve complete satisfaction with clients along with a streamlined communication process.

There is simply no better source for assistance in designing, building, documenting, and administering of your network base layer or structured cable system. Whether you’re dealing with new construction, upgrading your existing network, or you’re simply adding a new outlet, turn to MIS to help complete your cable infrastructure.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, MIS serves large corporate clients on a local and national level. We’re a premiere resource for structured cabling here in Cleveland, and we invite you to contact us to learn more about our products and services.