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VOIP and Telephone Systems

Communication is at the heart of nearly any business and telephone systems keep your company connected to clients, business partners and more. Your business relies on your phone system to stay connected and you simply can’t roll the dice with unreliable telephone systems.

Choosing the ideal phone system is one of the top priorities for any company. When you’re considering your options for telephone systems, you’ll need to think about aspects such as reducing cost, streamlining efficiency and being prepared for change. You’ll need to select hardware that is expandable and software that’s a snap to upgrade-otherwise, your phone system can quickly take a turn and even shut down. Leaving your company scrambling to get reconnected.

Telephone Systems: Keeping Your Company Connected

Miller Information Systems offers a variety of telephone systems, including VoIP. Here’s how our innovative VoIP technologies can help move your business forward.

VoIP business phone systems will merge your phone system with your computer network for maximized efficiency. Imagine making phone calls straight out of your Outlook contacts with the quick click of a mouse. Implementing applications such as Find Me and Unified Messaging can help you retrieve voicemails via email and call contacts quickly and easily. These systems can even help employees work from home or allow your company to hire remote workers for specific tasks.

VoIP and Phone Systems Features:

Outlook Unified Messaging:

  • Provides integrated messaging for any PC desktop and Microsoft Outlook
  • Includes voicemail in your inbox, directory dialing using your contacts and calendar integration.

Call Handling Modes:

  • Wide array of call forwarding and personal greeting modes.
  • Users can easily program customized responses to meet their individual needs.
  • Forward calls to another number.

Converged Conferencing:

  • Audio Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Document Sharing
  • Full Web Conferencing
  • Users can schedule one-time, recurring or reservation less calls.
  • Integrated recording capabilities: users can record both audio and visual presentations.


Auto Attendant

Multiple Locations

  • Customers with multiple offices or plant locations need phone systems that can be networked and provide a unified appearance to their customers.

Hybrid and Full VoIP Systems

  • Hybrid systems take advantage of existing analog and digital telephone cabling while still allowing for the addition of VoIP phones and enhanced capabilities on digital phones.
  • Full VoIP systems allow for significant cabling cost savings when re-cabling, moving or building. This is due to your voice and data traffic can be converged onto the same network cables, all the way to the end user.

Mobility and Remote Workers

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • CTI provides all of your telephony features on your computer.

Call Center Features

  • Keep track of call details such as called and calling parties, time and line usage. Other capabilities include supervisor control, monitoring and real time view of call center agents-helping you to enhance the efficiency of your operation.

Call Recording

  • Accurately document phone conversations for situations such as order entry, customer conflict resolution, training and human resource functions.

Call Documentation

  • Track a call from ‘cradle to grave’. Find out how many times a call was ‘bounced’ from person to person or how long callers are on hold. Increase productivity and efficiency knowing which extension is calling internationally or non-business calls.

(SIP) Trunking Service

MIS, provides NEC SIP Trunk Service (Session Initiation Protocol). Pittsburgh businesses can use any phone system with an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line and there are plenty of benefits of choosing this service from MIS. The main reason being lowered monthly phone expenses.

SIP Trunking scales easily and it’s also more reliable than traditional phone systems. Businesses can also experience sustained savings such as reducing its phone bill from $900 to $300 a month.

Telephone Systems in the Following Surroundings Locations:

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  • Cleveland, Oh.
  • Columbus, Oh.