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Support Ongoing Operations

Enhance your cable infrastructure

Your IT system is critical to the ongoing operations of your company, and the cable infrastructure is the foundation of that data network. Our experience can serve you from office or campus to the factory.

Miller Information Systems is exceptionally skilled at enhancing the communications process for your company. Structured cabling will help manage applications such as wifi, fiber optics, and security.

  • New construction or Renovations
  • Horizontal-Cable-System
  • Riser, fiber optic cable for office or manufacturing facility
  • Other Cable systems, coax for cable TV, and wireless access points
  • 15-20 year warranties for Commscope and Panduit 
Reliable Products & Partners

Cable Infrastructure Expertise across a variety of applications

Miller Information Systems provides expertise in:

  • Category 6 and category 6A, unshielded and shielded, voice or data applications.
  • Fiber optic cable from OM4 multimode or OS2 single mode.
  • Fiber optic cable to the desktop or the factory floor.
  • Coax or fiber optic cable for CATV, Security or DAs systems.
  • Control cable systems for HVAC, Lighting, Sound Masking or AV systems.
Close up shot of hand of aged electrician repairman in uniform working, fixing, installing ethernet cable in fuse box, holding flashlight and cable. Selective focus on hand and cable. Horizontal shot
Top view of young man in uniform with measuring device that works with internet equipment and wires in server room.
Design, Build, & Document

Experienced & Professional

Miller Information Systems can assist you in the design, build, documentation, and subsequent administration of your structured cable system. We handle everything from new construction, remodeling, to just adding a new outlet.

The investment in the network cable system is a long-term asset, installed correctly, this layer of the data system may last 25 years. Miller Information Systems can complete this work for a fixed price, T&M, or with on-site technical support.

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Build Out Your Technology Infrastructure

Let our team handle the details of your network infrastructure. With our long-standing experience and reputation, we are proud to be a reliable partner for your technology needs.

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