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Presence Detection

Avigilon’s, Presence Detector combines self-learning analytics merged with impulse radar technology.

Impulse radar technology: emits an electromagnetic wave that strikes an object. Once that object is struck the electromagnetic wave bounces back alerting the presence detector, exposing the introduction of a new element to an environment.

Utilizing Avigilon’s self-learning analytics like Unusual Motion Detection with impulse radar technology manifests cutting-edge improvements to perimeter security. Decreasing false alarms commonly noticed in other presence detector technology on the market. Incorporating artificial intelligence with impulse radar, a system that speaks to itself through secured networks, firewall protected modems communicating with other low-voltage equipment like Avigilon’s access control points & cameras to pinpoint if there truly is a threat to your business or asset.

Whether your business resides in retail, banking, education, healthcare, manufacturing, government, transportation, insurance, a tangible asset that has the potential to be targeted, etc. Miller Information Systems (MIS), partnered with Avigilon has you covered.

With MIS’s 30 years of experience in installation & service of low-voltage technology, combined with Avigilons in-house developed software utilizing innovative technology like AI, you can focus on the important things that help your business grow while knowing you’re protected.

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