With Christmas behind us, we quickly look forward to the New Year. Just a few days after celebrating with loved ones and enjoying your Great Aunts, famous eggnog. Which we all know she purchases from the local Giant Eagle and switches the labeling.

Either way, with 2019 inching closer a vast majority of people are proclaiming their New Year resolutions and how they’re going to better themselves, enjoy the quality time of their loved ones and party like there’s no tomorrow.

But, what about your business?

Do you have a plan drawn out on how to secure your companies assets?

Well, fear not! Included below is an IPVM Camera Calculator, that will help you understand how a Security Engineer lays out your floor plan and different cameras for unique requirements one area may have compared to another.

The tutorial video is to give you a glimpse but, if genuinely inclined you can type in your address on the IPVM website and it will show a 3D image of your physical building. If your business is located in a high populated area where some new years indulgence may take place, you may want to throw a small gathering and try to find specific vulnerabilities your business may have.

But don’t worry MIS will provide you with all the professional consultation when taking care of those hard to reach places.


Once you finish the tutorial video, we encourage you to play around with your own businesses address. You can connect to IPVM’s calculator tool by clicking this link!

From your friends at Miller Information Systems, we hope you have a fantastic New Years, and remember when your setting up your own personal goals, don’t forget about your businesses goals!

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