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SpaceX Is Granted Approval to Launch 7,518 Low-Orbiting Broadband Satellites

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted the privately owned company under Elon Musk, SpaceX to launch an additional 7,518 satellites to orbit Earth. The goal of this endeavor is to increase global broadband accuracy and connectivity.

With the recent surge of innovation regarding the Internet of Things and 5G, low-orbiting satellites are being launched to help improve the necessary requirements between the two.

SpaceX opted to have the satellites orbit earths armosphere half the distance to traditional satellites seen in past years, for two key reasons.

  1. Performance– SpaceX claims that operating closer to the ground will reduce latency and boost capacity. Latency could be just 25ms, similar to current fiber broadband in today’s market (Daws, Ryan).
  2. Reducing debris – SpaceX requested 1,584 of its latest satellites to be authorized for operation at 550 kilometers instead of the 1,110 to 1,325km of the others. Moving the satellites lower means they can get the same results with 16 fewer in orbit (Daws, Ryan).

Reducing debris in point two listed above is very important. SpaceX claims that lower altitude operating satellites have a higher chance to be pulled down to Earth’s atmosphere burning up during its descent after the satellites shelf life has come to an end.

Allowing the decommissioned satellite to burn up in the earth’s atmosphere is a hopeful solution to prevent the increasing epidemic of satellite collision and space debris orbiting our planet.

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Original Reference was written by Telecoms editor, Ryan Daws

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